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How the Accidental Discovery of Himalayan Sherpa Tea Put an End to a Decade-long Battle With Obesity

Scientists and medical professionals agree that obesity is a modern-day plague all over the West.

In the course of a decade-long struggle, I personally tried at least a dozen different diets and workout regimens, from moderate yoga to killer crossfit workouts. From “magic pill” dietary supplements to consulting different dietitians. I even went to the doctor with my husband.

Nothing seemed to work in the long term though. That’s why I’m a living testament that achieving and maintaining that dream body goes much deeper than just lifestyle.
Luckily modern medicine and even microbiology are starting to show more and more evidence of that.


When everything fails to work…


If you’re reading this, chances are that by now you’ve tried a myriad of different methods to get that dream body. Yet all of them have led to temporary results and eventual disappointment.

I personally was so tired and frustrated that I ended up with clinical depression and felt deep shame about who I was as a person. But right when I was at the lowest period of my life, an unexpected breakthrough came.

It happened when my husband came back from a work trip in Nepal, which is known as the heart of the Himalayas.


The unexpected breakthrough


He told me a fascinating story about the local guides called Sherpas who drink a special kind of tea that helps them climb all the way to the top of Mount Everest while carrying equipment and supplies more than twice their weight. But there was something else that shocked me even more about this story.

It turns out that this same tea has extraordinary fat-burning properties that let Sherpas stay fit in spite of eating lots of heavy, fat-rich foods typical in Nepal.

Indeed, as I learned later, Nepal has one of the lowest obesity rates in the whole world. According to Wikipedia, it ranks 187 out of 191 listed countries!

We knew this could not just be a coincidence. Luckily, as an engineer, my husband is a very methodological and analytical person, so he returned home armed with the exact recipe for their “magic” tea.


Cracking the effectiveness code of “Sherpa Tea”


Fast forward a few months and thousands of hours spent studying different research on the effectiveness of different diets, exercise plans, and weight loss pills…and the bleak truth about the weight loss industry suddenly became obvious.

Contrary to what big weight loss conglomerates or weight loss gurus want us to believe, the secret to physical fitness doesn’t lie in starving or torturing yourself at the gym.

The answer is a more efficient metabolism, which is actually controlled by our mitochondria.
The reason the Sherpa tea works wonders is that it has a unique combination of natural ingredients that literally make the cellular metabolism and cleansing processes of the body go into overdrive.


How I got such astounding results…and how you can get them too


Now, since our discoveries were too complex to describe in a short post like this, my husband and I created this video where he goes into detail about why this tea creates such astounding results.

I personally burned off 74 pounds of unwelcome body fat from all over my body using this method, and I’m just one of many examples. Click the link below to listen to the entire story.


  1. I was really inspired by your story! I’ve struggled a lot with my weight over the years too. I tried out a lot of different weight loss programs and supplements like you did. So, I was happy to hear that you found something that worked so well. I’ll definitely be trying out this supplement. Thanks for your advice and hope you and your husband have a lot of success with your video!

  2. I haven’t heard of Reignite before, but it sounds like it could work really well for me. Thank you for sharing your weight loss story! It’s not easy posting something so personal online. That’s really awesome that you were able to lose weight.

  3. Weight loss isn’t easy, I’ve been struggling to lose weight too. Thanks for recommending this supplement. I’ll have to try it out soon!

  4. Was finding it really difficult to work out and eat healthily. But your post helped get me out of my slump. Do you have any tips for staying consistent with working out and eating healthy? I always seem to slip into bad habits when I’m stressed out. Thanks!

  5. I can relate to your story a lot and I’m happy you decided to post it online. Thanks for recommending this supplement!

  6. Found your article at just the right time in my life. I haven’t been able to lose weight even with regular diet and exercise and it’s been so annoying. But I won’t give up now and I want to try out Reignite. Thanks for your help!

  7. It feels like I’m reading a blog about my own life. I’ve had a lot of issues with my weight throughout my life too. I can’t ever seem to keep my weight loss maintained and I always hit a limit even when I exercise and diet. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll be trying out this supplement soon!

  8. Really appreciate your post. I’m a mother who has had a hard time losing weight. I have three kids and it’s never easy for me to find time to work out and lose weight. I get demotivated pretty easily and I stress eat when I’m upset. With Reignite, maybe I can turn things around and really make a change in my health. Happy I found your post!

  9. You really encouraged me with your post. Haven’t been able to find a reliable way to lose weight so I’ll take your advice and try out this supplement.

  10. I wish my husband was as proactive as yours! I’ve been struggling to lose weight on my own for years. I can’t wait to get Reignite. It might be exactly what I need to get rid of my flab.

  11. I’m pretty young, I’m only in high school, but I can’t seem to lose any weight. What are your tips for fitness and health?

  12. I’ve always gone up and down with my weight. I can’t seem to keep my body stable. Maybe this will help me meet my weight loss goals. Anyways thanks for posting your story online!

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